Public Speaking with English, Why Not?

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Some people able to write in English easily, but they will feel the storming is coming if they have to speaking English in front of many people. Do you ever feel like that? Don’t worry iCan Course have some tips for you.

Believe to your self

Before you are success to persuade your audience, you have to persuade yourself first. Tell to yourself not to be worry and nervous. Talk to yourself, why you have to talk about this and this. Start with the right intend. If the aim of your speech is just to show that you’re able to speak English, cancel your plan and stop to talk! Everything is come from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and give back anything to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Be Well-Prepared

It’s your time to plan your speech. Make an outline and the text of your speech. Even though you are fluent with English, you will fail if there is no outline in your hand.

Adjust your text with the time limit. You cannot write 1000 characters in 10 minutes speech. Normally, you can write 350 characters of your speech in you have 5-7 minutes to talk. In case in the formal situation, you have to prepare your dress or suit. Some people with attract to you who have a good first impression.

Speaking Loudly

Loudly speech is very important. It will increase your confident. If you speak with very slow voice, your audience will ignore and underestimate you –for some audience-

Start and open with salam

It is very important as a muslim. Your speech is to deliver the goodness, if you start with salam, it means you bring your audiences the goodness, and your audiences will also pray for your best.

Remember these three points




How you deliver your speech will influences to the change in the audiences’ life.

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