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How to Prepare for a Happy Marriage

5 April 2017 ican_course 2 Comments


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Happy marriage. Two words that are dreamed of every human being. This marriage became a hope in the midst of the storms of life. There he leans on, to sow hope to in the next life.

Unfortunately, not everyone embraces it. The proof, the divorce rate is increasing. Household destruction happening everywhere.

The happy marriage seems like a mystery. Because a lot of people trying to put them together, but in fact, they do not.

Wrong Perception

“A good person, a soul mate is definitely good.”

We have known for these words, even the Qur’an itself has written.

However, a lot of people the wrong perception. They delay marriage with the excuse, “I’m still naughty, if I get married now, what kind of future soul mate .. marriage? Still want to know each other first (read: pacaran : P)”

In fact, when preparing for the wedding, there’s only one thing we need to ask yourself:

“How can I prepare for a happy marriage?”

Islam set up very well how to create a happy marriage. Is not the family life of the Rasulullah lead to happiness? Even the heaven has been guaranteed to the Rasul’s family.

Getting married is one of the Sunnah of the noble Prophet. Many households cracked in the absence of proper preparation in marriage.

Marriage seemed to just be a mandatory ritual in life, the life cycle. No doubt, many households only whole corn. The reason is one: they are not prepared properly.

So what are the happy marriage preparation?

Guarding with Our Soul

Ustadz Mohammad Fauzil Adhim cited by Ustadz Salim A. Fillah,

“If there are 8 meeting premarital course, should be six meetings discussing: Intention.”

Verily deeds it depends on the intention. Intentions because Allah will bring a lot of kindness, such as mental tranquility and relaxation in every affair. Everything was beautiful despite the storm to come though.

Moreover, each step will be a charity Salih because we are intended for God.

Prepare our soul is also includes the readiness to accept all of Allah’s provisions. Marriage is the gate of coming to the jungle.

For example, he wants to live with his parents, while his partner wants to live independently. One would like to work but the couple wants it fixed at home.

Patience and gratitude key to deal with it.

May Allah if us the strength to prepare a happy marriage.


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