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How to Make Our Ramadhan Productive

8 May 2017 ican_course No Comments

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Marhaban ya Ramadan, yeah we have arrived at the moments of this happy month. If it is calculated, Ramadan is a few days left.

Well, to welcome this blessed month it is better if we prepare from the beginning, for example, do the fast, learn to restrain emotions and so on.

Here I will share tips and tricks for prepare Ramadan. But before that, I will give a question to all of you:

How to make productive Ramadhan?

Well, try with your own answer, Ramadhan in my version, we should fill it with things that are productive. Why? Because Allah’s revelation is the commandment for his people to fast.

What is the positive side of fasting? Clearly, the main purpose of fasting is to restrain lust, anger and so on.

Then How to make productive Ramadhan?

1. Make Some Targets

The first way is making some targets during Ramadan. Suppose we actually only read Qur’an two sheets, then we increase to one day one juz.


2. Know What Makes Ramadan not Productive

There are so many things that make our Ramadan pass away uselessly. Suppose often a lot of sleep, watching tv that shows women aurat, ‘ghibah’, and so forth.

Then someone said the sleep when fasting is rewarded. Well, whether we want to sleep all day long?

3. Notice Your Activity in Leisure Time

Do not waste your time, gals. Take advantage of the leisure time by many good deeds. For example reading a book, attending seminars, studying, helping parents, teaching your sibling and so forth. That lots right?


Determined to make our Ramadan better, God willing we will be God’s beloved servant. Let’s get together make our Ramadan Baraka!
Author: Mega Adjie, student of 10th grade of SMA IT Al-Uswah Surabaya. Visit his blog at

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