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English is one of the most universal languages in the world. Over 1000 million people use English to communicate, either they are natives or learn it as a foreign language.

English has no less than 900,000 words and still counting. With this much words, it’s impossible to memorize all of them, even for a linguist.

But fear not, you don’t have to memorize all the words to be fluent in English. You can just learn daily vocabulary if you want to travel to countries in Europe. If you want to be a doctor, learn medical terms (and of course take a medical school, etc. Learn the topic about what you want to be fluent in it.

There are 4 skills you need to master to be fluent in any languages; Speaking, writing, listening, and reading. This article (and maybe about 10 or more articles) will talk about writing English.

Writing English is not easy. You have to know how to make correct sentences by learning grammar, and grammar has so much topic in it, and some of them could stress you out.

Writing might be easy if it’s just for fun, but writing is hard for some people who write essays or journals, such as college students, scientists, psychologists, and many more. Their writing determines their credibility.

But don’t worry. You can do it if you work hard enough to be a writer. Nothing is impossible. The word itself says the truth. I’mpossible means I am possible. You work on it, and you will make it possible.

Wassalaamu’alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Written by: Annisa

One of teachers from iCan, Ms. Diah



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